Garmin’s 360 Action Camera Includes AR Overlays

Garmin’s 360 Action Camera Includes AR Overlays
June 14, 2017

Garmin has unveiled its first 360-degree rugged camera, adding to a suite of products, including smartwatches and other action cameras, that utilize its GPS technology.


Garmin claims Virb 360, which retails for $799.99, provides more stable video than other fully spherical camera makers because of its 4K stabilization technology that automatically stitches together shaky video to smooth it out.

It shoots video up to 5.7K/30fps, has four built-in microphones, and takes 15 megapixel spherical photos that include single capture, burst shooting and time lapse modes.


Play with the 360 features in this BASE jumping video shot in Moab, Utah:

But what makes the Virb 360 unique is its built-in Garmin GPS and other sensors that provide users with customizable data that overlays in a 360-degree augmented reality setting.


Users can record a wide-range of data, from speed and altitude to GPS location and heart rate. Other measurements include g-force, hang time, orientation, pitch and lap counts.


Garmin provides a mobile app and desktop software to edit, stabilize, share and add data overlays to Virb 360 content, as well as live stream capabilities so users can post to YouTube or Facebook Live through their third-party smartphone or tablet.


Content from Virb 360, whose rechargeable battery can record up to one hour on a charge, is comparable with mainstream virtual reality headsets.

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