Full Version Of Nolo Home Now Available

Full Version Of Nolo Home Now Available
June 7, 2018

More NOLO CV1 content with 6DoF coming soon to NOLO Home.


Many commentators on virtual reality (VR) are of the belief that six degrees of freedom, or 6DoF represents the most immersive and realistic experience that modern VR can provide. To cater to this, NOLO VR have launched the full version of its NOLO Home content platform for 6DoF content.


NOLO Home is a mobile VR platform for the NOLO CV1 tracking system which allows users to assemble a NOLO CV1 with a smartphone to enjoy wireless VR experience using 6DoF.

The new version of NOLO Home includes several important updates to the software, including five new mobile VR titles which have been designed specifically for the NOLO CV1 hardware. The titles have been designed with Unreal Engine 4 or Unity, along with the NOLO SDK so developers can easily port games from other platforms such as Steam or Google Play.


Feedback from beta testers and early NOLO adopters has meant that NOLO Home has dropped support for Google Daydream in favour of support for Samsung Gear VR. This is partially due to the Samsung Gear VR being a more popular platform, so offering the positional tracking of NOLO CV1 to Gear VR users would appear to be a sound business move.


Users of NOLO Home will now be able to use the integrated online payment system to buy VR videogames from NOLO Home. The average price of titles on the platform is roughly $5 (USD). There are currently two free titles and six paid titles on NOLO Home to choose from, and NOLO Home supports Paypal, with other methods of online payment planned to be introduced at a later date.


According to NOLO, over 100 developers from around the world have already begun to work on creating content for NOLO Home, whether that is porting existing titles or creating original content. For interested content creators or developers the NOLO SDKs can be found on the official NOLO website along with supporting documentation.

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