Find Your Way In Any Festival's Maze With AR

Find Your Way In Any Festival's Maze With AR

How many times have you been to a festival, only to spend an hour wandering around the campgrounds looking for your tent? A tent which, by the way, looks exactly like a thousand other tents surrounding you?


The Beacon app from tech companies Flaregun and SHIFTPOD is here to help you with exactly that. Their app uses Augmented Reality to allow you to associate a virtual totem with a physical location. You then use the app to re-find that totem when navigating. It’s like the North Star for festivals!

How does it work? By using “advanced geo-targeting and augmented reality technology.” You can also utilize the app to create virtual totems and spot friends in the crowd, just as you would look for a real-life totem. Pretty awesome, right? The best part: it doesn’t need solid cell coverage to work. Because we all know how likely it is that you can actually get good coverage at a festival. [Spoiler: it’s impossible]


Keith Crutchfield, Founder and CEO of Flaregun says:


“The Flaregun Team is excited to partner with a ground breaking company like SHIFTPOD to create something special for the entire Camp EDC community. As an experience enhancement studio, Flaregun’s mission is to improve how people connect face-to-face and find essentials, especially at music festivals. We created Social AR to help everyone navigate the trickiest aspects of attending so you can get on with the most important parts of a festival; staying safe, having fun with your friends and enjoying music.”


The app is being launched just in time for EDC Las Vegas. Going to Camp EDC? Give this app a try. Download here.

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