Finch Lets Your Phone Play Oculus/HTC Games

Finch Lets Your Phone Play Oculus/HTC Games
December 28, 2016

While the high-end PC-based virtual reality space continues to impress us all from a tech-standpoint, the mobile space is clearly lagging behind. There is little doubt that smartphone-based virtual reality leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to immersive VR, but this will all likely change somewhat with Google's new DayDream VR platform. Via Daydream VR's new motion controller, the user is able to interact with games and experiences in a more life-like manner, but still mobile VR controls and tracking are way behind the PC-based variety.

This appears to all be about to change as a startup called Finch will be unveiling the first no-camera motion controller for mobile VR, called Finch Shift. 


“We believe that Finch Shift VR Kit will accelerate consumers’ interest to virtual reality in the near future. The main reasons for slow market expansion have been limited functionality and low quality of content for mobile VR, and prohibitive costs of high-end hardware. With the Shift Kit, anyone who has a decent smartphone can play the best virtual reality games from SteamVR and mobile VR app stores. Plus, you can share the fun with your friends, just like you do it with console gaming,” said the company’s CEO Alexey Kartashov.


Below is a list of some of the benefits and capabilities of the Finch Shift kit:

- Dozens of high-end VR games and apps could be run on regular smartphones
- Fully functional VR set of VR-glasses and pair of Shift controllers affordable for everyone
- Multiplayer mode: have VR fun with your friends without robbing a bank
- Play Games designed specifically for smartphones and adapted for Finch Shift,
- Play Games designed for Oculus and HTC virtual reality headsets,
- Play Non-VR games for PC where you can use Finch Shift as a joystick.
- Standard API and SDK already in use for the existing VR platforms
- Access to mass market for developers by converting Oculus/HTC games to be played on smartphones

The developer's kit will go on sale in February for $179, and the consumer version of the kit will will available in the second half of 2017, Below is a demo video of the controllers in action:

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