Facebook To Reveal Secret Mind-Reading Tech In April

Facebook To Reveal Secret Mind-Reading Tech In April
March 22, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg has previously hinted his social network could eventually be controlled by your mind .


And now it seems the tech giant is on the verge of revealing an actual product.


According to a report in Business Insider , the world's biggest social network has at least four products being developed at a secret research and development facility near its main campus.


The so-called "Building 8" team work in a similar way to the Google X laboratory - using Facebook's billions of dollars to create experimental technology.


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The company is believed to be readying an event in April 2017 which will see it show off a "brain computer interface" that may give people the ability to interact with each other by thought alone.


Zuckerberg has made no secret of his interest in pushing the technological envelope.


As well as embracing virtual reality through Oculus Rift, he has previously spoken about telepathic ability with his Facebook employees.


"You’re going to just be able to capture a thought, what you’re thinking or feeling in kind of its ideal and perfect form in your head, and be able to share that with the world in a format where they can get that," he told a Q&A panel at the company last year .

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Photo: Reuters)


"There’s some pretty crazy brain research going on that suggests we might be able to do this at some point," he said.


Although there's no telling how much of its secret developments the company will show off, Business Insider believes Facebook has grand ambitions.


"An analysis of Building 8’s recent hires and job listings by Business Insider, as well as conversations with people close to the company, shows an ambitious effort to create and sell millions of consumer hardware units, from a supply chain outpost in Hong Kong to a planned retail push and customer call center operation," the website wrote.


"Facebook declined to comment for this story."

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