Eredivisie Lets You Watch Sports From Player POV

Eredivisie Lets You Watch Sports From Player POV
August 18, 2017

A new, free app, available to Dutch soccer fans, will enable them to see match highlights in virtual reality. The app will recreate all the action into a VR representation for fans to enjoy.


The app, created by virtual reality company Beyond Sports and television service FOX Sports Eredivisie, lets fans watch these VR recreations through the eyes of any player on the pitch and they also have freedom to use a virtual camera to see this action from any position on the field in this VR-created experience.


The app is able to do this as Beyond Sports uses player-tracking data, their own virtual player models, motion captures and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This positional data is provided by ChyronHego. For example, one of the company’s current product offerings is to use VR and its technology to analyze game performances, which is based off real-time tracking of match data.


In addition to this, the app will also show clips that are analyzed on the “De Eretribune” soccer highlights TV program from FOX Sports in Holland. Fans at home can watch moments of the match through the eyes of the player as soccer analysts review key game situations in VR.


Currently, only Dutch consumers with a Samsung Gear VR headset will be able to download the app and actually watch the highlights. Beyond Sports says it is also working on developing an app version that will support Google cardboard headsets too, but at present there is no date for when this will go live.


To date, the company has primarily focused on securing partnerships with professionals clubs for its VR technology. Since July, it has partnered with Stoke City to train its goalkeepers using VR and to analyze match performances.


However, according to its press release in relation to this announcement, it “will start focusing on fans at home as well.” Previously, in a once off, both Beyond Sports and FOX Sports had partnered together to use VR images to enhance a live broadcast of the Feyenoord-PSV Eindhoven soccer match in February of this year.

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