Empower Your Mac With 3D Surround Sound

Empower Your Mac With 3D Surround Sound
July 4, 2017

Immersive 3D sound is usually only possible with an array of surround-sound speakers, or by using headphones with Binaural audio content. And since most readily-available media is mastered for generic stereo, your Dolby 5.1 setup won’t automagically add an extra dimension to your listening experience. But you can still simulate a rich audio environment with Boom 3D’s spatializing equalizer.


Using only your Mac’s built-in speakers, Boom 3D adds a remarkably convincing 3D effect to your media playback. It’s specifically tuned to get the best sound out of your Apple hardware, and offers helpful EQ presets for a wide variety of contexts and content. You can boost the volume of specific applications, and enjoy easy access to smart system audio controls.


Boom 3D also includes a built-in media player to get the most out of your music library. Right now, you can get a discounted license for this powerful audio utility in the Boing Boing Store for $9.99.

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