Drops Is A 'Gravity-based Musical Instrument'

Drops Is A 'Gravity-based Musical Instrument'

There's a new VR electronic music app called Drops

"Drops is a gravity-based musical instrument set in a serene environment and designed from the ground up for making music in VR," the developers explain. "It was built to provide a way for those with little to no musical training to create rich, expressive polyphonic rhythms." It's available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. 

In the app, users control the laws of physics and time, such that falling marbles trigger different tonal and rhythmic events. Its first two sound libraries were created by Patrick Russell (the No Way Back and Bunker resident who appeared in our Art Of DJing series) and Patrick Higgins, a composer and performer signed to Nicolas Jaar's Other People label. 

Drops is the follow-up to an augmented reality app for iOS, Fields, also created by the developer Planeta. (That one includes original music by Matmos.) 

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