DIY VR Cockpit Hides Flight Simulator In Plain Sight

DIY VR Cockpit Hides Flight Simulator In Plain Sight
July 23, 2017

A creative flight sim enthusiast has made a full cockpit setup that folds neatly away, transforming into an unassuming piece of furniture. Posting details of the build on Reddit, James ‘Maverick’ Turner explained the project was prompted by a move to an apartment that required a more efficient use of space, and the culmination of several years of creating a custom flight simulator rig.


The original post links to this annotated Imgur gallery, showing the rig in ‘cockpit mode’ and ‘furniture mode’, and his earlier flight sim hardware, which originally included a bulky triple-screen setup, followed by a single monitor version built into the lower half of a closet.

The current version still sports a single monitor, but it is mostly used for background apps while the flight sims are experienced in VR using an Oculus Rift headset. This ingenious solution fits a full Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle & Stick system, adjustable MFD cockpit panels, and what appears to be a set of Saitek Pro Flight Cessna rudder pedals, into a 54” x 24” x 26” chest and can “comfortably support a 6’6” occupant” when unfolded.

Image courtesy James Turner


As VR hardware itself is such a significant space-saver for cockpit simulators, it’s likely that convertible rigs will increase in popularity. There have been attempts to commercialise such products, such as the ConverTTable, but this DIY design goes above and beyond.

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