Disney's Real-Time Face-Tracking Tech (Hair)

Disney's Real-Time Face-Tracking Tech (Hair)
April 25, 2017

Disney Research has recently developed new improvements on facial simulation. This one is an improvement on simulated hair, just like a cyber wig.


Hair is crucial for Disney—its various princesses have plenty of flowing locks. One of the main struggles of current simulation, however, is the need to constantly reset physical parameters. That's why Disney, according to researcher Liwen Hu, has "begun to explore methods for reconstructing hair from the real world and even to estimate the corresponding simulation parameters through the process of inversion."


Augmented reality has been on the rise, with Snap and Facebook leading the charge using gimmicky filters that can project fun graphics on your kitchen table, but are ultimately designed for use in advertising. Augmented reality also has promise for everything from fixing things in space to helping firefighters. And as creepy as some of its results may be, it's not going away.

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