Design Virtual Spaces From Your Smartphone

Design Virtual Spaces From Your Smartphone
January 28, 2017
Photo Credit — EveryScape


The ability to easily transform real life experiences into personalized virtual environments is a key component of making VR an everyday technology.


The tools needed to create these virtual spaces must be so easy that any user with few technical knowledge should be able to utilize them conveniently. This is the main idea behind EveryScape.


The Boston based virtual technology company is offering a new platform that enables users to create their own immersive experiences by using images taken with simple 360 degree cameras. Even the iPhone’s panorama feature can also be used to create these virtual experiences.


“Virtual reality is going to be viewed and used a lot when it can be created easily by anyone,” told EveryScape CEO Jim Schoonmaker to Haptical.


“We are not trying to build the most amazing VR experience… How do we bring this kind of content to the mainstream world? How do we put these amazing experiences into the hands of anyone? That is the only problem we are trying to solve,” Jim Schoonmaker added.


On EveryScape, users can customize their virtual environments, by embedding music, videos, text, links, forms or buttons. The story mode turns these 360-degree virtual environments into an automated video.

Photo Credit — EveryScape


These videos can later be used to help customers as if they had walked into a store. It can also be used by a teacher to make virtual field trips, by a realtor to offer a virtual walkthrough in a property or by a journalist to tell news stories in a creative way.


Users can interact with each other inside these virtual environments through text chat. It is also possible to follow different users’ views when looking at a specific 360-degree image.


“What we offer is a mixture of ‘photogrammetry’ and some other things that we use to give the sense of moving from point A to point B with as little sensor data as we need,” tells Jim Schoonmaker.

Photo Credit — EveryScape


Virtual creations designed with EveryScape can be viewed from any cardboard compatible headset on the iPhone, but Jim Schoonmaker says the company will start supporting Android, Google Daydream View, Gear VR, Oculus and HTC Vive soon.


EveryScape’s new platform is free to create virtual environments and browse others work. The iOS app is also free to download from the Apple Store. The company may charge for some additional features in the future though.

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