Dacuda: World's First Room-Scale Mobile VR

Dacuda: World's First Room-Scale Mobile VR
December 2, 2016

ZEISS and Dacuda enable room-scale virtual reality games with your smartphone: Dacuda and ZEISS show the world’s first room-scale VR experiences running on standard smartphones and the ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset at CES 2017.


Dacuda and ZEISS let you experience room-scale Virtual Reality (VR) with your smartphone. Dacuda's SLAM Scan® 3D engine brings 6DoF inside-out tracking to your smartphone. Thanks to the superior optics of the ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset, the quality of the virtual reality experience is similar to desktop VR headsets.


The ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset is carefully engineered to provide the best optics among mobile and desktop VR headsets. It features razor-sharp images across the entire visual field, works smoothly with eye glasses and is the only headset on the market that requires no configuration to one’s individual interpupillary distance as its lenses are so well tuned. When combined with a recent smartphone, the pixel density exceeds the quality of the current desktop VR headsets.


"Phones are getting better and better at Virtual Reality", said Franz Troppenhagen, VR Product Manager at ZEISS, "Simply put your smartphone into a ZEISS VR ONE Plus Headset and experience truly immersive room-scale VR at a fraction of the cost of tethered Desktop VR headsets."


Dacuda has advanced their inside-out tracking engine to achieve an ultra-low 5ms algorithmic latency on standard iPhones. The CES demo at the ZEISS booth will showcase several mobile VR titles with room-scale VR. Dacuda currently collaborates with selected content studios to bring further room-scale VR titles to the market.


“In order to bring Virtual Reality from a niche to the masses, we have to provide entry-level solutions based on smartphones”, said Dr. Alexander Ilic, CTO of Dacuda, “our approach demonstrates, that this is feasible without compromising on room-scale VR capabilities and thus a solution to further democratize the VR industry.”


Dacuda licenses its 6DoF tracking technology to leading companies in the VR/AR space. A first commercial product is expected by Dacuda’s lead customer MindMaze with further details expected by end of this year.


CES Booth Information: LVCC, South Hall 2 – 26429

About Dacuda AG

Dacuda is a computer vision company that redefines the capabilities of cameras with real‐time 2D and 3D algorithms. As the leading pioneer in software 3D camera technology, Dacuda's mission is to bring 3D capturing to every consumer by making 3D content creation as easy as taking a video. Dacuda's software 3D camera helps scale existing 3D use cases to consumers with app‐based scanning and enables novel experiences for Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets. Dacuda is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with locations in Palo Alto, California and Shanghai, China.


Media Contact Dacuda AG: Lukas Schleuniger, Email: lukas@dacuda.com or via telephone at +41 (44) 295-1040

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