Customize Your VR Controllers For Any Game

Customize Your VR Controllers For Any Game
June 26, 2017

EXEO is a range of modular gaming controllers focused on providing ultimate realism to the gamers of today by recreating in-game interactions in real life. This means that if you are playing a medieval game, you should feel like you're holding a sword, and if you are playing a racing game, you should feel like you're holding a steering wheel. 


With its modules, EXEO builds a new relationship with the gamers, where they have the complete freedom to craft their controller and use it creatively to solve problems and have unique experiences. 


True gaming experiences can not be created by making advancements only in the visual and audio technologies. In a world where everybody looks toward VR as the future, EXEO brings back the importance of the feeling of touch. The opportunities are endless but as a concept EXEO aims to inspire the gamers of tomorrow to unlock different ways of interacting with their games.


Design Team


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In the quest to find the next big gaming device of tomorrow, I interviewed multiple gamers online and offline, conducted online surveys through reddit and created concepts to address to different user types. These early concepts led to the birth of EXEO, a range of modular gaming controllers focused on providing ultimate realism to the hardcore gamer or the wanderlust. In a world which regards Virtual Reality as the ultimate level of realism and immersion, EXEO finds it's place in providing as real an experience as possible, not just in game but outside the software as well.


The modules in the range include:


1) Brutus - The big brother than can act as a hammer or a sword


2) Velox - The agile unit that can be used to make swift and precise motions


3) Terra - The ground based unit that can recreate gestures for strategy games 

All of these modules can work individually or can be combined together to create different archetypes. This gives the gamers and opportunity to define the way that they wish to interact with their games. The attachments will be made using simple positive and negative threading that will lock and keep the modules in place. The connector will be present at the ends of each module that will allow the modules to work as one, when joined together.

The possibilities remain endless. The experience is defined by the way the gamers want to live their game. EXEO breaks free from the standard handheld controllers and creates an immersive range of interactions to truly satisfy the thirst for realistic gaming experiences.

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