Create In VR Without A Single Line Of Code

Create In VR Without A Single Line Of Code
May 14, 2018

VRFocus talk to Mark Jennings from Notch about how the tool is simplifying the workflow for VR creation.


Notch is a real-time visual creation tool that keeps up with your ideas, by empowering artists and content creators with a powerful tool that requires no coding to create stunning virtual reality (VR) experiences. VRFocus’ Nina Solomons recently got the chance to talk with Mark Jennings, Head of Marketing at Notch about the product and how it offers a simplified workflow for VR creation.

“So Notch came back originally from a real frustration at seeing render times and feeling like we can do better and so it’s it’s been a slow progress but pretty much over the last couple of years, and we’re still in beta so everything is quite early but we’re fast moving and we’re developing over time, but essentially as a product the last year or so.” Jennings explains when asked where the idea of Notch came from.


“Notch is, at it’s heart because of its real-time rendering ability is really fundamental to anywhere where you need to be able to create fantastic motion graphics, animation graphics without having to wait.” Jennings explains further: “That can be live events, that’s where we came from with events like U2 to Beyoncé to Eurovision, huge kind of events where failure is not an option. But because of the real-time ability of Notch to be able to create effects almost right up to almost the last minute was really fundamental but what we reconfigured as well is because real-time is at the heart of VR, it was only a small tweak to the product for us to be able to create those functionalities as well.”

Accessibility is a key focus for the team at Notch, ensuring a solid user experience that ensure artists and content creators can transfers their existing skills to the tool with no borders. For those new to motion graphics and creating VR experiences, Notch has been designed to allow those users to quickly come up to speed with the tool and still create results that are beautiful and impressive.


“Because of it’s node based interface and because of our focus on user experience, it is going to be familiar to most motion graphics artists and that was really, really key. Beyond that, what we recognize is that it’s really important to be able to create an entire experience in one single tool that was really, really important as well so you don’t have to load multiple tools, you don’t have to export, you don’t have to ave any issues with compatibility.” Jennings explains.


“You can create a fully fledged, professional level VR experience without a single line of code in Notch and that’s really key.” He continues: “This isn’t a toy this isn’t something to kind of get into VR before you have to learn the big-boy tools, this is a tool that allows artist with no VR experience to be able create fantastic, interactive experience and that’s both in the headset but also for the desktop but primarily in a way we hope is enjoyable as well.”


You can watch the full interview below where Jennings goes into more depth about Notch and the capabilities that tool has. 

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