Could This Cybersuit Be The Future Of Fashion?

Could This Cybersuit Be The Future Of Fashion?
June 19, 2018

Cyber Fashion – could this suit point to the future of fashion? Olga Levitskaya is a Russian neurobiologist and the founder of Cyber Myonics LLC. She is also the brain behind a suit that’s almost like coming from the future.


Evolving from a prototype glove aimed to repair damaged nerves – Olga damaged her hands’ nerves while carving a sculpture – the Cyber Suit employs wearable technology to become the first suit that has a direct interface to the human brain, designed to rehabilitate patients after physical injuries.


The Cyber Suit costs around $ 35,000 USD, and its steep price reflects its prototype status but once fully developed the suit has the chance to become the first flexible ‘exoneural’ system in the world. At the moment, the Cyber Suits is only a modular system of flexible electric boards – embedded in textile threads – able to read and reply bio-electronic signals.

Cyber fashion could see next generation of suits – such as this one – act as neural interfaces. Future garments would be able to read brain impulses and interact with skeletal musculature by reproducing them into sensations and body movements.

Research shows that it is possible to master a new motor skill after training it for 21 days. With the help of the Cyber Suit and additional accessories such as the CyberMitts, wearers can learn how to play guitar or drum classes. Moreover, the Cyber Suit help the wearer lose excess weight by adding extra physical load and keep one’s body in good shape.


These attributes alone would make the suit in high demand when it becomes market-ready – by the end of 2020 – according to Olga and her team.



“In my initial idea I was looking at how to treat motor disorders and overcome the constructive imperfections of the human body. However, recent technological advances allowed us to see beyond the limits of our imagination,” said Olga Levitskaya, the designer of the Cyber Suit.

Extra features are in the work, such as incorporating virtual and augmented reality to give the wearable suit full touch immersion in virtual reality environments. But Olga Levitskaya has much bigger plans with her Cyber Suit, beyond cyber fashion, looking for ways to use the suit as a foundation for cybernetic immortality.


For that, Olga and her team are testing new technologies that could help them in transferring human consciousness to more reliable inorganic carriers, and later on to organic ‘man-made’ brains. The cyber fashion suit will help in the transhumanistic process by acting like a reliable host packed with embedded functionalities such as life maintenance and monitoring.

But if Olga’s ideas are too futuristic for you, let’s not forget that in the meantime this innovative suit can help you learn new skills, program new body movements and gain back long lost sensations from missing limbs. Moreover, once it becomes market ready this suit might become your first choice for losing weight and interacting with mixed reality objects.

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