Convert Your Oculus CV1 Into An Optitrack Headset

Convert Your Oculus CV1 Into An Optitrack Headset
August 8, 2017

Tracking VR headsets across large areas is complex and complicated, especially when trying to use the existing tracking frameworks from either HTC’s Vive or Oculus’ Rift. As a result, companies like OptiTrack are trying to simplify things as much as possible.


The company’s newest system of cameras could make it more accessible than ever for companies to create large, warehouse-sized tracking environments for location-based entertainment and VR arcades. This week we even covered a new tracking puck, that looks similar to the Vive Tracker, OptiTrack is using for affordable full-body immersion.


However, even if you had the cameras and space getting headsets to interact with the system was another hurdle. Today at SIGGRAPH 2017 OptiTrack is showing a new clip-on face plate for Oculus Rift CV1 headsets that let them interface directly with their system.


The website’s description of the face plate states that you can “convert an Oculus CV1 into an OptiTrack Active ready HMD. [It] carries a factory installed Active Tag with 8 LEDs. Go beyond room scale with superior, low latency, artifact free tracking.” The face plate is listed at a price of $749.


OptiTrack is demoing the new Rift face plate using the $3,300 HP Z VR Backpack G1 PC to give a taste of what truly high-end cordless tracking feels like. See it in action here:

Watch the video on Twitter here.

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