Computex: Microsoft Reveals Asus, Dell’s MR Headsets

Computex: Microsoft Reveals Asus, Dell’s MR Headsets
June 2, 2017

Today at the annual Computex expo in Taipei, Taiwan, Microsoft unveiled the new designs behind the upcoming mixed reality headsets by Asus and Dell. While much information isn’t available about these particular HMDs, we know that these two new headsets are part of the fleet that Microsoft will be brining to their Windows platform.

“As a leading gaming and innovation partner, ASUS is expanding on its prowess into the fast emerging mixed reality category, said Microsoft on their blog post. “In addition to its Oculus-Ready ROG gaming desktops and VR-Ready VivoPC X, ASUS will be adding a futuristic head-mount device with a unique polygonal 3D cover panel, designed with comfortable ergonomically adjustable strap, enabling an easy one-hand setup. ASUS is engaged with Microsoft to make this HMD fast, powerful, and ultra-light with a six degrees of freedom (DOF) tracked motion controller, for an incredible, immersive MR experience.”

“Dell is building on their Virtual Reality (VR) leadership in premium gaming and professional creation by partnering with Microsoft to deliver an affordable consumer headset, which will bring mixed reality experiences to a broad audience,” said Microsoft. “Dell’s stylish white headset is uniquely focused on user comfort, designed by the same team that crafts their premium XPS and Alienware PCs. The Dell headset, which will be available by holiday, is thoughtfully designed for comfort and convenience with innovations such as comfortable cushions that can be replaced for a personalized experience, weight balanced headband centered on the user’s head for long-term comfort, cable routing to free the user from dangling wires and, a flip-up visor for easy wearing and removing.”

“Lenovo is partnering with Microsoft to bring this amazing technology to everyone through an incredibly affordable mixed reality headset for truly immersive, beyond-the-screen mixed reality experiences. Coming later this year, Lenovo’s mixed reality headset will contain built-in sensors to enable inside-out tracking and simplified set-up to let users move around more easily as they experience virtual worlds,” said Microsoft.


Currently, you can pre-order the Acer Windows mixed reality headset for $299 and HP’s Windows mixed reality headset for $329 on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft believes that the headsets will be available during the upcoming holiday season. The cover image was courtesy of The Verge.

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