Check Out The First Examples Of iOS 11's AR

Check Out The First Examples Of iOS 11's AR
June 20, 2017

Apple's new AR framework is receiving high praise from developers. ARKit is part of the iOS 11 beta and allows developers to easily create advanced AR experiences that are playable on iPhones and iPads. A number of early AR concepts using ARKit have been posted online and so far the praise from developers has been immense. As one developer told Motherboard:


"The most impressive aspect of ARKit is that it tends to just work. Other AR software often requires some sort of physical tracking mechanism (like a QR code), which inevitably becomes a major piece of friction if you are trying to get anyone to use this stuff. Another incredible aspect of ARKit is how it handles lighting adjustments in real time, continued Brown. "I can only imagine the math and magic underneath this tech to make it work."


Check out these various examples of ARKit-created augmented reality experiences:

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