Can Daqri Smart Glasses Beat HoloLens?

Can Daqri Smart Glasses Beat HoloLens?
March 7, 2018

Before I start, this article is not sponsored or paid for, it is simply me exploring different brands and products in the AR and VR market and finding one’s worthy to write about!


Recently I had a sales email sent to me by someone unfamiliar claiming to represent a company called DAQRI.


DAQRI Smart Glasses was the product being discussed, and it encouraged me to further investigate a very bold claim made by the company stating that its product was superior to Microsoft HoloLens.


Intrigued as I was I could not help but spend some time on their website learning about exactly what DAQRI makes. Under the hood I was astonished to find some quite remarkable specifications, in a surprisingly wearable form factor, less clunky than its Microsoft counterpart, but perhaps on par with some of the other AR hardware vendors in the market.


In the package that DAQRI sells there are 2 main hardware items, 1. The smart glasses and 2. The compute pack. Yes that’s right hooked up to power the DAQRI device is this well specced miniature computer sporting a 6th Generation Intel M CPU at 3.1Ghz. For Optics the device has LCOS Optical Display at 1360x768 native resolution at 90fps.


The wireless connectivity accommodates all standards from A to N, AC between 2.4–5Ghz bandwidth as well as bluetooth connectivity. In addition the DAQRI smart glasses supports 2x Type C USB 3.1 ports!


Further to the compute specifications the headset itself has a 640x480 at 90fps Depth Sensor Camera, a 1080p 30fps RGB HD Camera and a 166′ degree Diagonal Wide Angle, 640x480 at 30fps AR tracking camera.


For operating systems DAQRI uses the VOS Extension with Unity! I am not very familiar with it so prior to learning more I will not say too much here. However with Unity as its foundation the type of AR applications which you can develop for this platform, can be very useful.


“Use Cases” are where DAQRI tries to define itself more clearly. Unlike many AR device manufacturers DAQRI clearly identifies that it is targeted at industry solutions. Engineering, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Logistics, DAQRI seems to pay a lot of attention to actual application of its products for different businesses it is working with.


Given this approach and the strong focus on B2B marketing, this company often not very well publicized vs. its competitors may have a very strong value proposition moving forward.


What seems to affect the AR market right now is the sheer number of devices and platforms which they use to develop specific applications. The winners in this industry will eventually rise because they very precisely pick their markets and strongly serve those markets in order to be dominant.


It is early days still for DAQRI but this is a great start upon which they can build. The ambition is certainly present within the DAQRI team who is looking to take on giants like Microsoft and beat them!


If you want to learn more about this company take a look at their website: DAQRI — Home

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