Best Travel Cases For Oculus Go

Best Travel Cases For Oculus Go
May 28, 2018

Travel in style.


Since it is named the Oculus Go, you're going to want a way to travel around with it while also keeping it safe. While it's plastic outer shell will probably protect against a small drop, you're going to want to keep this thing safe when you're not using it. The best way to ensure that you Oculus Go doesn't get harmed while you're on the go is to keep it safe in a traveling case.


Whether you're looking for a hard case or just something that you can carry everything in, there are loads of options to choose from. These are the best travel cases for your Oculus Go that will fit most needs


InfiniApps Semi-Hard Travel Case

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This semi-hard traveling case is perfect for your Oculus Go, with loads of room for the headset as well as any extra cables or even your headphones. Although it states it's for Samsung Gear VR, it will be able to fit you Go in it, and it will be able to keep it safe and protected.


This traveling case by InfiniApps is available for $20, so make sure to pick it up now.


GRAPHEIN Hard Travel Case

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Graphein's hard case is perfect for your Oculus Go, and its hard exterior will be sure to keep it safe. It's designed to hold the headset, headphones, controllers, and any other accessories you may need while you're on the go. With the soft egg crate foam on these inside, this case will protect your headset from any bumps and bruises while you're out and about.


Make sure to get your hands on this hard travel case while it's available for just $26.


Hermitshell Hard Shell Travel Case

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This is another great option for a hard shell case, and this one can fit just about anything in it. You can fit in your headset, headphones, cables, and so much more inside of this case, and it will all be secure with the hard exterior. You will never have to worry about your headset getting bumps or bruises with the protection from this case.


This case comes in at $24, and it's a great buy for anyone looking for a nice traveling case.



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This traveling case is one of the largest traveling bags I've seen, it can hold almost anything. It's TSA approved as well, so the size is perfect for your carry-on for all your flights. Not only will it fit your headset, but you can fit every other necessity you need inside this bag.


Bagsmart's travel case is a great option for your travels, and it comes in at only $26.


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