Best Buy Offers PSVR Special Bundle

Best Buy Offers PSVR Special Bundle
August 10, 2017

Best Buy is now featuring a new sale for the PlayStation VR (PS VR), the PlayStation Camera and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League PS VR game. 


The bundle costs $549.99 (CAD) which offers savings of $105, as the camera regularly costs $74.99 and RIGS is normally priced at $39.99. The sale ends on July 27th and is currently available online and in-store. 


The PlayStation VR allows users to play games in virtual reality, while the PlayStation Camera pairs with the PlayStation VR and is a required accessory. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League allows players to be inside the suits of giant mechanized fighting robots. Users can fight against AI or online against other players to become the best RIGS fighter. However, online play requires an internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership. 


You can order the PS VR bundle here


Note: a PlayStation 4 is required to play RIGS and use the PS VR and PlayStation Camera. 

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