Asus VivoPC X New VR-Ready Compact Desktop

Asus VivoPC X New VR-Ready Compact Desktop
January 3, 2017

If you’ve been looking into virtual reality games I’m sure you’ve found that most of your options take up a ton of space or are just plain inconvenient.  Being forced to set up a headset right next to your computer doesn’t work for everyone. Especially those of us living in apartments or with kids and pets.

To bring in the new year Asus has announced a new kind of VR option. They have crated a compact console that can be connected to any computer or TV.

The box is no bigger than the current game systems we already own and includes:

– Intel Core i5 Kaby Lake processor
– Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card
– 8GB of RAM
– 512GB of SSD storage
– Four USB 3.1 ports
– Two USB 2.0 ports for VR accessories and controllers
– Two HDMI ports and a DisplayPort that support Nvidia G-Sync displays

Above: Size comparison to PC.

The VivoPC X will be available in March and is priced at $799 (retail). Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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