ARKAMYS VR Play Revolutionizes 360° Audio

ARKAMYS VR Play Revolutionizes 360° Audio
March 24, 2017

The demand for VR devices on the mass market is increasing and so VR product manufacturers are investing in VR 360° video innovations.  

Thundersoft, one of the world’s leading providers of mobile operating systems and smart device solutions, will provide its stand-alone virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) platform to support quick commercialization and high-quality for OEM customers. 

ARKAMYS collaborated with Thundersoft by bringing 360° audio rendering innovation to the mass market via the Android operating system on the Thundersoft VR HMD.

As VR devices require more intensive hardware capacity, better visual experiences, and higher compatible contents, the Thundersoft VR HMD Platform provides ubiquitous computing capability based on the highperformance Snapdragon 835, with a built-in VR application Android OS to meet these requirements. With a series of algorithm optimizations, it brings an ideal immersive VR experience to users by reducing latency to under 15ms, removing silkscreen display and creating smooth third-party application integration. By using Thundersoft’s HMD, VR OEMs will be able to shorten their products time to market. The ARKAMYS solution is integrated into Thundersoft’s VR HMD Platform creating a superior audio experience for every customer.  

Thundersoft uses the ARKAMYS VR-Play solution—with Qualcomm components—to enhance the audio rendering for 360° VR headsets and to provide a realistic sound experience in real time that brings a competitive advantage when compared to other VR devices that do not have 360° audio innovation.  ARKAMYS delivers immersive and interactive audio solutions through the ARKAMYS VR 360 Audio Suite, which provides 360° recording and rendering capabilities in real time with head tracking, using the Ambisonic format. In this case, the solution is running on Android OS with the VR-Play audio software library for 360° VR videos rendering the audio track.  


The ARKAMYS VR-Play solution creates an immersive and realistic virtual audio experience for 360° videos in real time by locating the real sound source, generating an audio sphere around the user, and then adapting the sound to the user’s head movements. This software solution is highly optimized for VR devices (including smartphones, VR headsets, and more) and allows an immediate replay of 360° audio track recorded on mobile devices using 360° recording technology such as the ARKAMYS VR-Capture solution.


About ARKAMYS: A recognized leader in 3D sound audio effects, voice processing and sound rendering, ARKAMYS provides digital audio software and services for the automotive, mobile phone and connected home entertainment industries. ARKAMYS’ sound experts are able to develop innovative solutions to optimize the audio quality of consumer electronics. For the last 15 years, ARKAMYS has grown its worldwide presence in Europe, Japan, Korea, USA and in China. Ask our audio experts for information:  I +33 1 79 97 14 50 I
About Thundersoft: Headquartered in Beijing and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (300496.SZ), Thundersoft is a world-leading provider of mobile operating systems and smart device solutions. The company delivers solutions and services to markets (including smartphone, tablet, IoT, automotive and enterprise markets) with full-stack engineering resources covering software and hardware. Thundersoft offers expertise in operating systems (Android, Linux, Windows and others), a broad software and algorithm technology portfolio, strategic partnerships with key semiconductor vendors, and a global support network. Learn more at

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