This AR Sensor Can Measure Your House

This AR Sensor Can Measure Your House
November 19, 2016
Canvas is a new app and advanced sensor that uses augmented reality to create 3D images of your space directly from your mobile device

Until now, there has never been an easy way to accurately measure physical spaces without the assistance of a professional. Enter Canvas, a first-of-its-kind mobile application that works with an augmented reality sensor designed specifically for home improvement projects.

By combining the Canvas app and the Structure Sensor, users can capture an accurate 3D model of a home or physical space in minutes. Users can view a 3D model from any angle, measure between any two points, and revisit it anytime. For design professionals, the app’s Scan To CAD will output a file compatible with most architectural design software. From there, the user can add objects, make architectural changes, or even create high-quality 3D renders. Both products were created by Occipital and brought to the market in under three years.

“We created the Structure Sensor out of a desire to develop great augmented reality experiences for mobile devices at a time where mobile devices simply weren’t able to power these kinds of experiences because of limitations in cameras, mobile processors, and memory.“We saw indoor mapping as an important capability that 3D sensing could bring to mobile devices,” said Occipital Co-founder Jeffrey Powers.

According to Powers, unlike previous 3D sensors, which were designed to connect to game consoles and computers, the Structure Sensor was designed from the ground up to go mobile. Its benefits are its compact dimensions, mobile-optimized range and a precision bracket that lets it quickly and securely attach to an Apple iPad with a lightning connector.

Given the fact that the US home improvement market sales reached $331.9 billion in 2015 and DIY retail sales reached $27.8 billion, empowering consumers and trade professionals to better achieve their visions is proving to be a profitable one as the augmented reality home trend continues to grow. “Traditionally, this capability has been reserved for large firms who were designing or remodeling something on a larger scale and could afford expensive 3D scanners and 3D modelers. We are effectively democratizing access to it,” said Occipital Co-founder Vikas Reddy.

Canvas is the ideal companion app for 3D-savvy architects, interior designers, general contractors, real estate agents and DIY enthusiasts. The Canvas app is free, the Structure sensor costs between $379.00 – $499.00, accessories start at $49.00 and the Scan To CAD features costs $29.00 per model.

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