AR Helmet Puts A Smart Engine In Your Head

AR Helmet Puts A Smart Engine In Your Head
March 16, 2017

How long did your last Google search take before you found the information you actually needed? A few seconds, minutes, hours even? Well, envision what you could accomplish if it took no time at all. That's the aim of Daqri, a start-up that creates augmented reality products enabling users to learn everything they need instantly. Aimed at transforming industry, Daqri's "smart helmets" provide augmented reality work instructions that can equip wearers with a lifetime of on-the-job knowledge on the very first day. 


By presenting relevant information when and where it's needed most, the helmets can improve productivity, safety, and efficiency. "Imagine having these capabilities that you could never have any other way with you every day as you do your job," Gaia Dempsey, co-founder of Daqri said.

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