Apple Unveils New Augmented Reality Kit

Apple Unveils New Augmented Reality Kit
June 7, 2017

Apple has gone head to head with Amazon and Google, unveiling a smart speaker for the home.


The HomePod is the first brand-new hardware product for the tech giant since the Apple Watch.


It was unveiled at Apples WorldWide Developers Conference in San Jose.


Phil Schiller, Apples Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing says it's "the chance to reinvent the way we enjoy music in the home."


HomePod is a Siri powered smart speaker, which not only sounds good but it answers our requests - from playing our favourite music to telling us the news headlines or sending a text.


There was plenty of focus too on Apple's new augmented reality kit with a surprise appearance from Wellington firm Wingnut.


Alistair Coull, head of Wingnut AR says "were really excited to be able to share a sneak peek of something we've been working on".


Put simply the ARKit allows developers to put virtual content ontop of real world scenes and that means more interactive gaming and immersive shopping experiences.


Kiwi developers are very keen.


Nic Gibbons, Founder of Wellington based firm PaperKite says "For us it has huge potential. AR can be utilised in almost anything, anything you can think of where you can hold up phone and put a piece of additional information or graphics on the screen."


Karl von Randow, co-founder of Auckland based Cactus Lab says "Maybe Im a little bit nervous that clients will ask us to AR apps now but at least now well know how to do it."


A 10-year-old Aussie was the youngest developer at the conference on Tuesday. He's already made five successful apps.


Yuma Soerianto, a Melbourne based app developer says he wants to "make apps that will revolutionise the world and I want to teach the world coding."


Operating systems, new Macs, laptops, iPads, there was a lot for people process at the event, but it set the stage nicely for Apples next big event, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

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