Is Apple Planning A Hot New Secret AR Product?

Is Apple Planning A Hot New Secret AR Product?
November 16, 2016
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Bloomberg had an article yesterday that speculated on the possibility that Apple is working on a new secret product to add to its wearable device product offering. If true, the company is considering expanding into digital glasses which will be added to the Apple Watch as part of Apple’s wearable computing product offering.


The Bloomberg article stated that the device would be able to connect wirelessly to the iPhone, and be able to show pertinent information and images and maps to the users field of vision. In addition, the glasses might also be enabled for augmented reality according to the sources.


“AR (augmented reality) can be really great, and we have been and continue to invest a lot in this,” Cook said in a June quarter earnings conference call with analysts. “We are high on AR for the long run. We think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity.”


Apple has also made a few AR/VR acquisitions such as PrimeSense and Flyby Media which focus on the space.


Augmented reality “is going to take a while, because there are some really hard technology challenges there, but it will happen in a big way, and we will wonder when it does, how we ever lived without it,” Cook said last month. “Like we wonder how we lived without our phone today.”


The chatter is that Apple will introduce the product in 2018.


It almost made me laugh out loud when I read the article. As usual, Tim Cook and his team seem to be so focused on selling their shares as soon as the options and grants vest, that all they are really able to do at the moment is talk about how strong their product pipeline is with nothing really new or unique being introduced in reality.


By 2018, the Google VR headset or the Oculus VR headset from Facebook or HoloLens from Microsoft (all of which are already available right now) could be so far ahead of Apple which could make any competing product from the company already redundant before it even hits the market.


Apple’s lack of true product innovation, despite almost quarterly promises by Tim Cook, is hurting shareholders in a big way at the moment.


Hopefully, we see a change soon. (Long apple shares and options)


PS: Chatter that Target CEO said on the company’s conference call that Apple products pre-orders are up 3x compared to 2015 and that sales for Apple products were meaningfully improved as well.

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