Apparently, The PSVR Also Works On Xbox One

Apparently, The PSVR Also Works On Xbox One
October 15, 2016

That's unexpected.
So, the Playstation VR has launched, to mostly good marks. Despite some minor technical hinkiness, the experience of actually using the thing, with probably one of the strongest launch libraries we've seen for a new system in quite some time, is a damn good one. However, numerous reports are now going around of a nifty little cherry on top of everything else Sony got right: The PSVR can actually be used with the Xbox One.
Actually, to clarify, from all accounts it can be used with virtually any console with an HDMI port. See, despite the fustercluck of wires, the video portion of the PSVR is being handled by just good old fashioned HDMI, just that the cord that goes into the TV goes into the PSVR's little processor box, and another goes out to the PS4. And so, because the internet is nothing if not curious, folks have been plugging that other HDMI cord into other systems and discovering that yup, those consoles can output their video to the headset.
Now, as one can imagine, there's limitations. For starters, according to reports, PCs are apparently a no-go, with computers not even recognizing anything was plugged in, but then, it's not like PC folk lack for VR options. Naturally, all the super-fun bells and whistles on the PS4--like headtracking and whatnot--have no equivalent on other systems. In addition, the PSVR's big drawback still rears its head, in that the resolution takes a hit through the headset. So,no, VR 'Gears of War 4' is not a thing. Basically, what you get is just Cinematic Mode across the board. However, Cinematic Mode is STILL worth it, giving you the equivalent of your own private IMAX. One of the first things I did within hours of having the headset was fire up The Wachowskis' 'Speed Racer', and watching the final race in a way I haven't ever been able to duplicate at home was joyous. So you can imagine how something that's not on PS4 but really takes advantage of huge space like, say, 'Halo 5' or 'Bayonetta' or, well, 'Gears 4' might fare. Pick up your chin, you're getting drool everywhere. 

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