Anyone Can Build VR Scenes With Amazon Sumerian

Anyone Can Build VR Scenes With Amazon Sumerian
November 28, 2017

Amazon's newest Web Service aims to make it easy for anyone to build their own virtual reality


Amazon Sumerian lets you create VR, AR and 3D experiences using a simple point-and-click interface.


Sumerian launched Monday morning, and allows developers to easily create scenes using pre-existing templates. Sumerian will even let you upload your own 3D assets into the database, so you can make the augmented or virtual reality of your choosing. Once you have your 3D assets in place, you can just drag and drop a house, a person or any other object into place on Sumerian's blank canvas to get started on your scene.


Amazon announced Sumerian in a blog post and promised you could use the tool to easily create scenes without training in 3D graphics or programming. Scenes you create with Sumerian can work across a wide variety of platforms including OculusHTC Vive and iOS devices with support for Android coming soon. You can sign up for the preview of Sumerian now or check out sample scenes on the company's product page.

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