Android Phones That Support Daydream VR

Android Phones That Support Daydream VR
November 16, 2016

These are the phones that support Google’s new Daydream VR


This is a very short list; a list of just two handsets at present: the Google Pixel phones (Okay, three handsets) and the ZTE Axon 7 (well, sort of… but more on that later).


But given the investment Google has made in its Daydream VR platform you can expect plenty of other Android handsets to appear in the near future.


Google even made a Daydream View VR headset that is aimed squarely at the masses with a super low price tag and a brand new software platform for experiencing VR.


I’ve been playing around with Google’s Daydream View headset, powered by my Pixel XL, for a couple of weeks now, my review is coming next week, FYI, and I can report that while it isn’t a game-changer, it is still the best VR experience I have had thus far.


You can see, quite literally, the potential in Daydream. The DayDream View headset is great too; it’s well designed, comfortable and easy to use, thanks to Google’s useful decision to include a bluetooth remote.


The idea of MILLIONS of people using this device before the close of 2016 is implausible. With just two Android models supported at present, it will take a good long while for Google’s Daydream platform to take flight in earnest. Still, the foundations are there. You have Google Play, you have YouTube, you have some games and you have plenty of opportunity for engaging content in the future.


For now, if you want to access Daydream VR you need to do so through DayDream View and you also need to have a Pixel phone. Google has yet to recognise ZTE’s Axon 7 as an official Daydream-enabled handset, as it doesn’t yet run Android Nougat – one of the prerequisites of a true Daydream phone.


“Google has yet to officially recognise the ZTE Axon 7 as a Daydream ready phone,” notes Android Central, “due likely to the lack of Nougat on the phone currently. With its 5.5-inch WQHD AMOLED display, Snapdragon 820 processor, and 6GB of RAM onboard this phone is a powerhouse, and when Daydream is actually ready it should be a lot of fun on this phone.”


Why Current Android Phones DO NOT Support Daydream


There are a bunch of reasons why current Android flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and OnePlus 3 do not support Daydream, but the main ones can be summarised as follows: “the lack of the necessary sensors and the absence of a low persistence display,” says Android Authority.


Here’s what Google has said about Daydream VR HMDs:


“Daydream-ready headsets are designed for the high-quality mobile VR experiences that Daydream enables. Unlike the Google Cardboard viewer, they are designed for extended use. Instead of a trigger button, users interact with VR applications using the Daydream controller.”


We’ll update this article with a list of Google Daydream compatible handsets as they launch, so stay tuned for more….


Here's Where You Can Now Buy Google DayDream View:


* United States: Google Store, Verizon, Best Buy; $79 (USD)

* Canada: Google Store, Bell, Rogers, Telus, Best Buy; $99 (CAD)

* United Kingdom: Google Store, EE, Carphone Warehouse; £69 (GBP)

* Germany: Google Store, Deutsche Telekom; €69 (EUR)

* Australia: Google Store, JB Hi-Fi; $119 (AUD); Coming to Telstra on Nov 22nd

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