Amazon Patents At-Home AR Technology

Amazon Patents At-Home AR Technology
July 14, 2017 Inc. has patented augmented reality technology that can be controlled with gestures.


The patent describes cameras, computers and projectors that display an interactive scene on a physical surface.

A user interacts with an augmented reality projection using hand gestures.


"The projected content may include electronic books, videos, images, interactive menus, or any other sort of visual content," Amazon said in its patent filing. "Various types of cameras and sensors may be used to capture images representing the scene and a person's hand within the scene."


The patent builds on two related patents awarded to Amazon in December 2015.


Amazon has explored interactive furniture stores that would use augmented reality to show shoppers how sofas, stoves or armoires might look in their homes, the New York Times reported in March, citing an unnamed "person briefed on the discussions."


Seattle-based Amazon is rapidly expanding its furniture business with massive warehouses to ship online orders, the Wall Street Journal reported in May, citing unidentified "people familiar with Amazon’s plans."


More information was not immediately available from Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN).


One of the patent inventors is based in Seattle on Amazon's Mechanical Turk team, according to his LinkedIn profile. Two others work at Amazon's Lab126 in the San Francisco Bay, according to their profiles, while the fourth inventor left Lab126 in October 2015 and is now a software engineer at Google.

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