Alcatel Goes VR With Wireless 'Vision' Headset

Alcatel Goes VR With Wireless 'Vision' Headset
January 9, 2017
Photo Credit — Haptical


As the frenzy of virtual reality grows, more players get into the VR headset fun. This time it is Alcatel. The Chinese TCL Corporation owned company has featured its standalone virtual reality headset at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show.


Named as ‘Vision’ the new headset doesn’t require a PC or a smartphone to function. It is completely wireless.


The battery is placed at the back of the headset which is enough to power up to 3 hours, as Alcatel claims. The headset fits comfortably on the head and lets you move freely. It features 3.8" AMOLED screens with 1080 x 1020 resolution in each and 120-degree FOV.


Alcatel Vision comes with an octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, accelerometer, gyroscope, and a proximity sensor.


Vision’s screens offered vivid and sharp colors, but remember that we could only experience a short 360-degree Star Trek animation at the company’s CES booth.

On paper, Alcatel’s Vision looks like an exciting alternative to experience virtual reality. The only downside of the headset for now is the content market, which is limited to what Alcatel will offer.


The company representatives say Alcatel Vision will go on sale within a price range of $500 — $600 in 2017.

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