9 Of The Coolest Uses Of Augmented Reality

9 Of The Coolest Uses Of Augmented Reality
July 22, 2017

Augmented reality has become a hot new area for broadcasting. 


Loosely defined, augmented reality involves the use of software and specialized graphics and physical equipment to enhance the live imagery viewers see with “virtual” elements that don’t actually exist in real life.


The line between what’s augmented and virtual reality and broadcasting is a bit blurred, though, so keep that in mind when reading about these implementations. 


France 2’s election coverage

By mixing a real set with a green screen, France 2 was able to create a unique and dynamic look that blended real with virtual and augmented reality.


The Weather Company’s Max

In response to user demand for augmented reality tools, The Weather Companyadded augmented reality capabilities to its widely used Max software that can add virtual maps and charts for dynamic weather and traffic storytelling.


SMG TV set accents

SMG TV is a good example of how augmented reality can be used to enhance real sets — even in more subtle ways. This Chinese network uses augmented reality to add countdowns and virtual “rings” to select shots of its set.


NBC News Amazon Echo sponsorship

Although NBC made extensive use of augmented reality software to display election results that appeared to float above Rockefeller Center and “appear” on the ice skating rink, perhaps one of the more interesting implementations during the November 2016 elections was to showcase an advertiser.


Al Arabiya U.S. election

For its coverage of the 2016 U.S. elections, this Dubai based Al Arabiya inserted floating virtual 3D models of the Capitol and White House over an outdoor space.


Fox Sports stats

Fox Sports‘ implementation of augmented reality from Vizrt is a great example of using the technology to enhance storytelling, especially data driven graphics. 


MLB on TBS player data

For its coverage of the MLB, TBS also uses augmented reality to showcase stats and data — though this setup was in the large studio the network commissioned.


CNN Mexico wall explainer

This application of augmented reality, created by CNN, takes the talent outside the studio and instead uses a combination of construction blueprint inspired imagery mixed with explainer text.


Turner’s augmented stadiums

For its coverage of the MLB postseason, TBS created virtual stadiums within its real life studio.

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