6 Ways To Benefit From AR Wearables

6 Ways To Benefit From AR Wearables
May 21, 2017

Augmented reality has really brought in a lot of value to several important public sectors ranging from banking to healthcare to real-estate industries and so on. Apart from public sector industries, they have also spread wings to a number of entertainment industries (movies & gaming) and even to sports.


In here, I have highlighted a few important ways through which businesses can benefit from augmented reality wearables (such as the Google Glasses and other smart glasses). Let’s go through them without further ado.


1. Complete mobility


Employees who are constantly on the move (for business related-purposes like in a warehouse or inside a hospital) and are in constant need of information can benefit tremendously from augmented reality wearables.


For example:


Doctors can benefit tremendously from the implementation of Google Glasses in their daily routine duties inside a hospital.


Most doctors seldom get the time to relax and go through their patient data from the comfort of their own hospital chamber. They are always on the move going from patient to patient respectively in matter of minutes.


With the help of Google glass, they will be able to refer to their patient data right in front of their very eyes (take a peek at the short video below to understand how it works). Convenience you wanted, convenience you’ll get.

2. Light-weight and easy to handle


Now this is definitely the biggest benefit of a simple AR wearable. They are lightweight and easy to handle.


For example,


Google glass weighs just about 1.28 ounces at maximum. Now that’s as close to a feather you can get to be honest totally honest with you.


Thus, multi-tasking becomes as easy as a piece of cake.

Source: Flickr


3. These glasses are hands-free


Hands-free and convenience are synonymous to one another.


Most AR wearables can deliver real time data to the concerned person on basis of his/her voice. There’s no need to press a button or swipe your fingers on a gadget to get what you are looking for. Your voice is enough for that purpose.


So wear the Google glass, connect it to your smartphone and turn your mobile internet on (either through WiFi or mobile data). Then you can just talk to the glass in plain English and ask any question you want like “what are the best hotels nearby?” and so on. You will get your answer in front of your eyes in no time.


Take a peek at this short video to understand the working of Google Glasses in greater detail. It’s undoubtedly an amazing piece of equipment; there’s simply no doubt about it.

4. Voice response


AR wearables respond well to voice commands. They also have an in-built motion-sensing technology through which it can respond well to gestures, taps and head movements.


So you can very well see the reasons as to why they are deemed ideal for “on the move” workforces.


5. Alerts and reminders


This is another excellent benefit that comes with these AR wearables. They can come up with timely alerts on basis of the circumstances and surroundings to remind the user of things that he should do at a particular moment of his.


For example,


Most hospitals have strict rules on hand-washing. In case, any doctor or nurse forgets to do that before an important check-up, his/her Google glass is more than capable of reminding him/her of the same. Things like that can really make a difference; there’s simply no doubt about it.


6. Strong and sturdy


I have already highlighted the fact above that most augmented reality wearables are very light in weight. But that doesn’t mean the fact that they aren’t sturdy enough. In fact, most of them can resist a lot of shock and trauma and have a long lasting working life.


So rough handling isn’t an issue anymore. Manufacturing industries and warehouses can implement the use of these wearables in their business operations with sheer ease and comfort.


Augmented reality has truly changed the world. Are you into this trend yet? If not, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon ASAP. It’ll definitely benefit you in the long run.

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