5 Top Gadgets For Biting Into The VR World

5 Top Gadgets For Biting Into The VR World
December 14, 2016

After years of hype, the dream of virtual reality will become mainstream with Australian families bonding over immersive games and 360 degree videos.


Whether you’re looking at making action movies that put the viewer in the picture or diving into games that blur your sense of reality, VR is set to change the way you view the world.


From headsets for your smartphone to 360 degree cameras, we look at five of the best new devices that will open up your world into the reality of the virtual experience.

3SIXT 360


  • * Full HD
  • *3SIXT’s budget action 360 camera comes with panorama and fish-eye modes, and three choices of resolution. It also connects to an app for transferring videos and photos to your phone. 
  • $200 
  • 3sixtgear.com

Sony PlayStation VR


  • * The PlayStation VR headset is easy to plug into existing games consoles, and features a 5.7-inch OLED screen with a 100-degree view and 90 or 120Hz refresh rate to limit motion sickness. 
  • * $550 
  • playstation.com.au

Zeiss VR One Plus


  • * This headset delivers a 100-degree view of your phone’s screen. However, phones must be inserted into the side of the headset, which doesn’t give access to the controls needed to switch apps. 
  • * $199 
  • zeiss.com.au

Samsung Gear 360


  • * The Gear 360’s ball-like appearance accommodates two 15-megapixel cameras on either side of the device, both with extreme wide-angle lenses. One recording button atop this camera can be used to record 360-degree video and photos, and they’re stitched together inside the phone to which they’re attached (that phone must be a recent Samsung model). 
  • * $499 
  • samsung.com/au

360fly VR Headset


  • * This offers a step up from the very basic cardboard VR headsets, although it’s not a huge step. The headset keeps your phone secure and the straps attaching it to your head are comfortable but there are some potentially annoying issues. You can’t wear the headset with glasses and you need to start the video on your phone before closing the front flap and attaching the headset, which means you miss the start of any video. Still, it’s reasonably comfortable and lets you immerse yourself in a virtual world. 
  • * $69 
  • jbhifi.com.au

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