4 Cheapest VR Headsets Deals On Amazon

4 Cheapest VR Headsets Deals On Amazon
November 25, 2016

Black Friday is a great day to buy some cool accessories for your smart phones. Check out the high-quality VR headsets being sold at incredibly low prices on Amazon. Take advantage of the offers while you still can!


It is Black Friday and the best time to go out and get your shopping done. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Now’s a great time to buy those Virtual Reality headsets that you’ve wanted for so long. Amazon is offering some great deals on this item. Get some Virtual Reality Black Friday deals under $20 on Amazon today.


Below are the details of some VR headsets Black Friday deals that have been worked out for you. These include VR headsets for iPhones and Samsung phones.


Vatos VR Park V2 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for 3D Video Games Headset for 4-6 Inch Smartphone (Black)

Photo: VATOS/Amazon.com


These 3D glasses fit your smart phone with screen size below six inches. It can work with a wide range of smart phones like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Asus, Lenovo, and Xiaomi. The glasses are designed in such a way that it protects your eyes and also gives you radiation protection. There are no side effects to your eyes, and you will not feel dizzy or visual fatigue even if you use the 3D glasses for a long time. You can buy them today at 70% its original price.


DESTEK V2 Virtual Reality VR Headset 3D Glasses for Immersive 3D Movies/360°Videos/VR Games, for 4-5.7” iPhone5 6s Plus, Samsung S5 S6 Edge, Note 4/5, LG G3 G4, Nexus 5 6P

Photo: DESTEK/Amazon.com


You can get the best movie watching experience with these 3D glasses. It’s high precision, high-quality, lens makes the image clear and you can watch for long hours without any eye fatigue. The glasses are in perfect working order without a single scratch on them. All the parts work smoothly to give you an unparalleled movie watching experience. This item is available at an incredible price so don’t miss out!


TaoTronics 3D VR Headset with Magnetic Trigger, Lightweight Virtual Reality Goggles – 3rd Generation VR Box (VR Glasses Compatible up to 700° of Nearsightedness- No External Remote Needed)

Photo: TaoTronics/Amazon.com


You can control your virtual reality experience with a side-mounted magnetic button. You can adjust the focus to best suit your visual needs and make up for up to 700 degrees of nearsightedness. You can immerse yourself in 360-degree experiences in gaming or watch videos. This item is available for an amazing Black Friday price.


Cellay Fold VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for Mobile Phone

Photo: Cellay/Amazon.com


These 3D virtual reality glasses will bring you an incredible experience of IMAX movies and games. Since they are portable and can be folded, you can bring them anywhere. You can adjust the pupil distance and sight distance. This item is available for an amazingly low price of $10.98.


Grab The Offers While You Can


These are the cheapest VR headsets that you can buy anywhere. Plus, it comes with the assurance of being bought on Amazon. So just log on and order a VR headset as soon as possible. Remember, the offer is only available while quantities last!

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