3D-Printing Accessories For VR Organization

3D-Printing Accessories For VR Organization
January 7, 2017

One of my goals for 2017 is to stay more organized – and part of that has been figuring out a good system for all of my VR headsets and associated gear. When I first got my HTC Vive, I played around with the Makerbot in the office and printed out a controller mount for the wall to great success. When I got my hands on my Oculus Touch controllers (pun 100% intended there) I knew I would do the same for those controllers as well, and what has resulted was a lot of trial, error, and experimentation with 3D printing accessories for my VR headsets.


I’ve tried to design some of these myself (and failed miserably, if I’m being completely honest) so I took to Thingiverse and found some great solutions from designers who created their own components for their VR systems. In today’s post, I wanted to share which designs that I’ve used and how I’m liking them, and some new things that are being printed as I type!


Vive Controller Wall Mount by SG-O

These were the first stands that I printed and I’ve loved having them. The print files came with a double or single controller design, and I opted to print the two together. The screw holes at the top allow you to hang your Vive controllers through the empty circle in the middle of the wand, and having this on the wall in the play space makes it really easy to put on the headset and immediately know where your hands are. Since they’re always hanging in the same spot, I know where to go even if they’re not turned on, which is a nice bonus. On top of that, I have this mounted over a power outlet so I’m able to keep them charging all the time when not in use.


Oculus Touch Wall Mount by RandomMagic

When I got some amazing pink Makerbot filament recently, I knew that I wanted to continue my pink-silver-black color trend of my desk by going with pink Touch controller stands. I actually worked on my own design for these using 3D Builder, but failed miserably when it came time to print and none of the attempts I had turned out. C’est la vie – thankfully, a few days after the holidays, the set of designs from RandomMagic appeared on Thingiverse and I grabbed the wall mounts that are based on the curvature on the Touch controllers. I absolutely love how these turned out! To me, they look like happy smiles. The controllers balance really nicely in the mounts, which printed with just a couple of minor cosmetic bumps.


In Progress Print: Vive Breakout Box Mount by Cozmo


The next step of my VR accessory lineup is getting cables and the smaller bits and pieces of the hardware tidied up, so I’m currently in the process of printing out a Vive Breakout Box Mount (also in pink!) that I plan to mount on the wall below the Touch controllers to keep the Vive box organized. I’ve never really had any issues with the breakout box getting pulled out of the computer or anything, but it does tend to move quite a bit, so as I’m typing this, I’m waiting for the results of the box that I’ve linked above to see how it prints out. I ended up rotating it from the original file and adding in the supports so that the screw holes would print cleanly, so it’s going to take a few hours to see how it turns out – but when I get it finished, I’ll update with the results here!


Lastly, I’m planning to print out a few other simple, generic cable management pieces that will hopefully let me tidy up the remaining work space. My FOVE headset should (hopefully!) be shipping soon, so there will be another headset in the loop soon, which I’m super excited about.

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