3 Options To Get Into Affordable 3D VR Video

3 Options To Get Into Affordable 3D VR Video
January 23, 2017

By the end of 2017, it’s quite possible that we’ll look back and laugh about the days when we had to choose between 360 degrees or three dimensions (or maybe I’m just ambitious).


In addition to the handful of 360-degree action cameras launched at CES this year, the trade show also proved to be a big one for 3D-enabled VR video cameras.

Earlier this month—in addition to the 3D-capable Insta360 Pro and Hubblo VR cameras—we saw the launch of 3D cameras from LucidCam and TwoEyes, as well as 3D audio support from the Vuze camera.


At $219, $399 and $799, respectively, ever more affordable solutions are raising the bar for VR video content.

The TwoEyes VR camera is capable of shooting 4K stereoscopic 360-degree video, and is currently available for pre-order at $219.


The most affordable on the list is the TwoEyes VR camera, which offers 360-degree 4K stereoscopic video at 30 fps, as well as 360 3D photos and live streaming capabilities.


The camera features two pairs of 180-degree F2.0 fisheye lenses, with two lenses placed 65 millimeters apart (the average distance between a pair of eyes), on both sides of the camera.


There are also two different shooting modes, one-eye mode and two-eye mode, which are automatically selected based on the camera’s orientation. Hold the camera vertically to shoot in one-eye mode for flat 360-degree video, or position the camera horizontally to shoot 360-degree stereoscopic video.


This flexibility allows users to create 360 3D content for VR headsets, flat 360 video for mobile and desktop consumption, and 3D content for viewing with 3D glasses and on 3D TVs.


Users can record manually using the camera’s buttons or via the TwoEyes app for iOS and Android. You can also share directly to various social media platforms from within the app.


The camera is a product of South Korea-based Arc Interactive, which makes the TwoEyes Hover, a camera that can take photos at multiple angles so users can rotate the image freely.


The TwoEyes VR camera offers 128GB of internal storage and comes in black and white. The camera is currently available for an early-bird price of $219 on KickStarter and is estimated to ship in August of 2017.

LucidCam can shoot 2K video in a 180-by-180-degree field of view.


LucidCam, a camera capable of shooting 2K 3D video, also launched earlier this month. Unlike Vuze or TwoEyes, the camera is limited to a 180×180 field of view. LucidCam is expected to ship in April, is available for pre-order at $399 and will retail at $599.

The Vuze camera


Another player in the world of affordable 3D 360 video is the Vuze camera from HumanEyes. The camera offers 4K stereoscopic video at 30 fps, and is available for pre-order at $799 with an estimated delivery date in March. HumanEyes also recently announced that Vuze’s accompanying software will use the camera’s four microphones to provide 3D audio upon launch.


If you do take the plunge and get one of these cameras, please do share your results with us.

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