11 3D Audio Companies You Should Care About

11 3D Audio Companies You Should Care About
November 27, 2016

For the first time in decades, we're seeing substantial innovation and economic upturn in the world of audio. In 2016 we saw Facebook acquire the 3D Audio Software company Two Big EarsRazer Inc buy THX to Get into VR AudioIntel lead a Series A in which an audio company was actually apart of and not to mention the introduction of what is essentially the first new consumer audio format since stereo: 3D Audio. 


I am incredibly excited about this new frontier and even more excited about the companies that are helping it become a reality. Like any successful medium, #3daudio will need companies offering solutions for capturing, consuming, advertising, licensing and developing. 3D Audio is in its infancy, but we are already seeing plenty of companies providing solutions for what is shaping up to be a very hot space.



1. 3D Audio software that mobile apps will license so that regular listeners can experience 3D Audio.

2. Professional 3D Audio software that large scale corporations will embed into their existing platforms.

3. Stories being told in 3D Audio.

4. All in one solution for capturing and playing back 3D Audio.

5. Hardware that converts stereo audio to immersive audio.

6. Hardware that allows for immersive audio capture. 

7. Advertising in immersive audio.

8. Bringing immersive audio to the visually impaired.


We all have a story and right now that story is currently being captured and remembered in terrible mono audio. I am excited for this new frontier in which audio quality is finally catching up to video. Where stories aren't just about immersive visuals but audio. Where companies don't just rely on video to sell a car but audio too. Sound matters and the world is about to see why. Let's do this!


From One Ear To Another,
Anthony Mattana
Founder, Hooke Audio

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