Vrai Pictures' Jessica Brillhart On VR And AR

Vrai Pictures' Jessica Brillhart On VR And AR
August 17, 2018

Jessica Brillhart is the founder of Vrai Pictures. They’re an independent immersive content studio.


Before founding Vrai, Jessica was the Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google.



00:00 – Starting Vrai

10:00 – Story in film vs. VR

12:15 – Gaming

19:30 – Conditions at Omaha – The Weather Channel in VR

22:15 – Jessica’s upcoming projects

27:25 – Andrew Peterman asks – How long until we’ll be able to create 3D 360° video from cell phone hardware+amazing software?

29:50 – Matt asks – Where do you see VR in 10 years?

30:05 – Michael Hodapp asks – Does VR still have long term mass adoption potential, or will the market shift to AR?

32:00 – Will people be in VR for a significant percentage of their time in the future?

40:35 – Virginia Pigato asks – How can a traditional storyteller adapt to vr?

49:50 – Can Olcer asks – What key but non-obvious thing is missing for VR to become mainstream?

51:45 – Matt MacVey asks – What are some of the most exciting or scariest parts of social VR and what is the storytelling potential of social VR?

55:15 – Tony Cassara asks – What kind of dog do you have?

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