VR Music Guru Thomas Dolby Joins High Fidelity

VR Music Guru Thomas Dolby Joins High Fidelity
January 16, 2019

He scored our Halloween “Zombie Island” events in real-time and headlined High Fidelity’s first virtual reality festival, FUTVRE LANDS, in what, to our knowledge, is the largest live concert ever staged entirely in VR. Today, we’re excited to make the collaboration official. Thomas Dolby is formally joining High Fidelity’s board of advisors!


As someone who's experimented with merging VR and music for decades, it's no surprise Thomas Dolby first registered his interest in High Fidelity by showing up in-world as an anonymous avatar. Presumably Dolby will help improve live music performances in social VR. As the Johns Hopkins professor commented on New World Notes recently, his concert in High Fidelity showed him first-hand that there's many kinks to work out, writing: "Yeah, it believe me, it is many magnitudes more stressful doing it virtually! This performance took years off my life!" But in the same post, he also expressed hope than live shows in VR will improve over time, and become more than glorified Internet radio with 3D graphics:


As you know, Moore's Law will take care of the graphic issue within a few years. But a radio broadcast is one-to-many. This is many-to-many, as you could turn and have a conversation with your neighbor and agree to move to a different spot. Or heckle the performer (as happened!) and get a personal response. Or if you get bored, decide to teleport to a different stage, or to a game/educational/sex environment; or build your own world and perform yourself.


More on Dolby joining the board here. Interestingly, he's not the only High Fidelity advisor outside Silicon Valley: Other board members include Hollywood producer Lauren Selig (Hacksaw RidgeLone Survivor), bazillionaire/X Prize founder Peter Diamandis, and genius computer scientist Stephen Wolfram.

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