Paris Hilton Invites You To Her VR World

Paris Hilton Invites You To Her VR World
April 28, 2018

Paris Hilton is taking social media to the next level: virtual reality.


The former reality star, DJ and entrepreneur told The Hollywood Reporter she's actually "a huge tech geek" who is "obsessed with video games, VR," and she's got a very big project up her sleeve.


"I'm working with a company right now and we're about to launch a Paris Hilton virtual reality world, which is basically going to be the next social media universe where people from all around the world can come meet, can come hang out," she said. "You can be yourself or an avatar, whatever you want to be. I'm taking it to the next level. I've always been ahead of my time and now that I think about it, I've always loved being a pioneer."


And pioneer she is, according to "The American Meme," a new documentary premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday. The film explores how her career as a pop culture icon, mostly just for being Paris Hilton after the success of Fox reality show "The Simple Life," has influenced today's current crop of "influencers" on social media and launched a billion-dollar business empire.


"That was my plan the entire time, from 'The Simple Life.' I knew I wanted to have a huge empire," she told THR. She also reiterated her dumb blonde persona was just a character.

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