Paris Hilton Goes Full VR With Staramba

Paris Hilton Goes Full VR With Staramba
May 21, 2018

Paris Hilton does not need an introduction, but she does deserve one. The 37-year-old who was once known as the glamour girl heiress of the Hilton empire has become much more. Not only had she redefined celebrity, created a TV genre, and started a business empire, she is now taking on the world of virtual reality with Germany-based producer of products and services for the VR market, Staramba.


Before she made it big on television with the hit reality tv show The Simple Lifealong with Nicole Richie, she was a model in her native New York. After the show concluded, she was involved in many pursuits, including the penning of New York Times Best seller Confessions of an Heiress, making music as well as running product lines ranging from shoes to fragrances, to mention only a few.

According to Moneyish, which ran a feature on Hilton in February, “there’s a beach club branded after her in the Philippines.” In addition, she is “reportedly the world’s best paid female DJ, with compensation of as much as $1 million a gig.”


Despite all of her efforts in multiple realms, she is incredibly excited about virtual reality. “Hilton fell in love with the possibilities of virtual reality after meeting in China with industry leaders five years ago,” Moneyish reported, adding that she “endorsed a VR headset from Taiwanese electronics brand HTC.” Moneyish also revealed that Hilton is working with a team in the tech industry from Germany on a Paris Hilton-branded social media network based in the VR world.

Paris Hilton meets Staramba CEO Christian Daudert in Berlin on May 16, 2018


Just last month, she told media outlet Toofab that she is “working with a company right now and we’re about to launch a Paris Hilton virtual reality world, which is basically going to be the next social media universe where people from all over the world can come meet, can come hang out.” She continued, “you can be yourself or an avatar, whatever you want to be.” The company she is referring to is Staramba.

Paris Hilton gets 3D-scanned by Staramba in Berlin, May 16 2018


Staramba.spaces allows for an unbelievable VR experience; a virtual place where you can meet and interact with Paris Hilton and a huge range of celebrities. You can experience a virtual concert of your favorite band, take a private training lesson with your personal sports idol or become an actor inside a virtual movie scene with a real Hollywood star.Staramba.spaces is poised to become the ultimate proprietary social platform for unique celebrity experiences and true social interaction. Staramba will also be the first to bring to market a surreal VR experience with Staramba.spaces this year.

The market leader for 3D body scanning and 3D avatars, Staramba holds the world’s largest avatar database of sports stars, entertainers and other celebrities. The extensive VR database includes more than 7,000photorealistic 3D famous people and characters in the sports, music and entertainment industry, ranging from the likes of the NFL PA, FC Bayern, Real Madrid, SLASH, Kiss, Elvis Presley and much more. Staramba also works closely with KONAMI, well known for their ProEvolutionSoccer Games, featuring avatars like David Beckham, scanned by Staramba.


Staramba is very excited to be teaming up with Hilton and a plethora of other celebrities to create a new future in interaction.


To learn more about Staramba and its upcoming massive ITO, please visit the official website at — which will be updated shortly. 

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