Neil Patrick Harris Wants More VR Games

Neil Patrick Harris Wants More VR Games
July 1, 2018

The American actor takes to Twitter to express his love for virtual reality.


Neil Patrick Harris is known for being an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, magician and signer, but did you know that we is also a fan of virtual reality (VR)? Taking to Twitter to talk about some of his wishes for an upcoming birthday Harris took the chance to mention his want for new experiences on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


What I want for my birthday, Part Two: a newfound resolve to meditate and focus. To calm my mind and create a space for – oh, oh! – and any new VR games for @OculusRift and/or @htcvive! VR is soooo dope, yo!

— Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) June 13, 2018


Harris, most know for his role in shows like How I met Your Mother, had been making a series of tweets about what he would like for his upcoming birthday. He mentioned how he was hoping for a “newfound resolve to meditate and focus” before mentioning that “VR is soooo dope.” The interesting thing here is that both HTC and Oculus replied to the act, promoting a chance to not only engage with the celebrity but also promote some exciting titles that could deliver on what Harris was looking for.


HTC were first to get a reply in saying they could tick box boxes for Harries by recommending ReMind VR: Daily Meditation. The title is designed to help users repose and unwind with proven meditation techniques as designed by three experts within the field of relaxation therapy. Featuring a number of different scenario and exercises the title is designed to be used on a daily bases to help users relax and escape for their mind, body and soul.

Oculus turned up next with their reply recommending Harris have a look at the upcoming title Stormland from Insomniac Games, even offering up the chance to have a sneak peek at it. Putting players in control of as robot within an epic sci-fi adventure, Stormland is looking to be an exciting title for the Oculus Rift and for VR as a whole. In a recent interview about the title, Insomniac Games revealed a number of details about the release including some details on how the title was designed. You can read that interview here.


With a person of such popularity as Harris expressing the excitement and joy that VR has to offer it shows that the median is not just a gimmick, and has because a mainstream entertainment product.

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