Chuck Chae Comes To XR-Story AltVR Event

Chuck Chae Comes To XR-Story AltVR Event
February 24, 2019
XR-Story presents: "The Future of Storytelling by Chuck Chae"


Feature, VR & Convergence Media Director and Producer from Korea Chuck Chae received the Best Virtual Reality Experience award at the 75th Venice Film Festival with his VR experience 'Buddy VR'. He will share his insight on how to tell a story in VR on Friday, March 1, 2019 from 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM (CET).


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The times that blocks possibility of realizing imagination as art and technology which were bound together in the past, had separated for commercial reasons. Media technology has been changing rapidly in the midst of imbalances of chaos; can we find the fundamental excitement and meaning that we are actually looking for from there?


From cave paintings to the possibility of virtual reality connecting to the brain- look at storytelling techniques that have involved along with film media technology for 120 years, and through latest virtual reality contents storytelling trends and production cases, we think about the core essence by dwelling on the cultural patterns and changes we've forgotten.


There is nothing new under the sun; but, there are discoveries were made through the convergence and transformation from the past. Hoping that the imaginative products that have not been yet realized will be discovered through that process, let's find out what's going on to be a future story behind your imagination.

Buddy VR


Through production cases of Buddy VR, we will explore how the audience can participate in the movie without ruining it. This first-person perspective interactive VR film allows audiences to learn information without using subtitles or narration in a nonlinear narrative directed by the audience but maintained the frame of the whole plot.


The HMD and controller are used to interact with the objects, environment, characters. The balance between the game and theater play’s interactivity, film’s narrative set on a spatial Themepark storytelling by setting a fictional time in the story with variable running time are the crucial interactive elements of BUDDY VR, striking the balance of time, space and existence.


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