Tribe XR Launches DJ Classes In Virtual Reality

Tribe XR Launches DJ Classes In Virtual Reality
February 24, 2019

Tribe XR has launched a DJ School in VR. The Tribe XR’s DJ School is designed to teach you all the knots and bolts of DJing in virtual reality. You will learn how to scratch, beat match and adjust the EQs and cross fader, you could book and have a one-on-one DJ lesson with a real teacher, but just in virtual reality.

Tribe XR offers two types of DJ lesson tutorials. One is recorded lesson, and there is live one-on-one DJ lesson by a real DJ, this is offered by Tribe XR’s partner Pyramind Music School. Please refer to this page to book a live one-one-one session

Visit this page for the product specs for Tribe XR. You can download Tribe XR’s DJ app on Oculus and Vive page.

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