Little Blue Dragon Lullaby Combines Music And AR

Little Blue Dragon Lullaby Combines Music And AR
November 27, 2019
Little Blue Dragon Lullaby combines music, augmented reality, and an exhilarating children’s story into an innovative application


When creating a children's application ("Little Blue Dragon") within an augmented reality (AR) world, the Yelizarov family realized that they needed an original and breakthrough melody geared towards children which reveals the deep meaning of life through the main character's stories - thus, The Little Blue Dragon Lullaby was born.


Having been released on September 18th, 2019, the Little Blue Dragon Lullaby is making huge waves among the YouTube parenting community. This new take on a classical genre is a breath of fresh air for a market that is already saturated with classical lullaby interpretations. Written by a mother of four, Yelena Yelizarova, and a military veteran-turned-artist father of four, Terry Josiah, and delivered through the soulful voice of children's book writer, Kosi Jah — this lullaby was born to captivate the hearts of babies and parents alike.


The project's original idea sparked when the Yelizarov family were introduced to the concept of AR. During that time, Pavlo Yelizarov served as Co-Founder and CEO of Younk, a community music label that used some elements of AR in its promotional campaigns. Thanks to the incredibly positive feedback from the audience, he wanted to implement AR in other business ventures.


After presenting this technology to their four small children, Yelena and Pavlo noticed that their delight was even greater than that of adults. The family quickly realized that the ideal target audience for the project would be children and they set out to create an exciting and informative product that could positively impact their development by combining a mobile application with coloring books and Little Blue Dragon's adventure stories.


The magical tune became a central component of their mobile application and narrates the story of a mythical creature, whose principal mission is to save the blue planet and restore his lost home. On the way, our little viewers have the chance to accompany the little dragon on his quest through the magical prism of augmented reality! Throughout the journey, the Yelizarov family seeks to instill a notion of togetherness and they explain that "…only when we have a common goal and each of us fulfills our important role does this lead to a result." They also emphasize the idea that no one is better than anyone and each person has their "…important role in life, society and the world."


As the family points out, the project's ultimate goal is truly altruistic in nature and hopes to bring about more public awareness to the environmental issues afflicting our planet today. This notion is cemented further in the fact that all the creatures featured in the story are either extinct or on the verge of extinction and the dragon's primordial mission is to save the "Blue" planet – a direct reference to our own earth and an important environmental lesson for today's youth.


In order to develop the song, the Ukranian-born couple employed the musical and creative talents of an eclectic group of musical performers. Kosi Jah, a gifted singer, rapper, songwriter, poet and producer from Texas was responsible for song's vocals. Berklee College of Music graduate, Dmytro Gordon, was the creative mastermind behind the tune along with the singular talent of Terry Josiah, a young veteran and multifaceted artist who forged the lullaby's captivating beat.


The song features two variants — a 2:26 minute version with lyrics and a 10-minute extended instrumental version — that combine mesmerizing rhythm with modern visuals. The song already has over 738,000 views on YouTube and is quickly disrupting this budding industry.


The application also seeks to connect the parent generation (raised on paperback books) with the children generation (who are digitally native) and provide them with an opportunity to spend quality time together.


The app is sure to re-ignite children's passion for reading, and at the same time help them learn to empathize, fantasize and develop their imagination with the help of Little Blue Dragon's augmented reality world. 








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