Listen To Porter Robinson's Singles In His Virtual World

Listen To Porter Robinson's Singles In His Virtual World
March 22, 2020

The rollout for Porter Robinson’s new album, Nurture, has so far gone beyond just the plain music. Like his close friend and contemporary, Madeon, Porter has developed another layer of intrigue and interactivity into his music.


Having already delved into this type of content with Virtual Self, bringing it back to his core persona is a no brainer. Fans can now to go to experience the current album singles, “Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting,” in an expansive virtual reality world. To make things even cooler, you’ll automatically connect to another random visitor from around the world and interact as abstract lines within the construct.


As an added bonus, easter egg, or whatever you want to call it, two additional blank panels in the construct appear to imply two more singles coming from the album before the full project’s final release. There were 41 days between the first two singles. That means, if we can trust the extrapolation, we should be getting the next single at least within the next month.


Stay tuned for more Porter Robinson news and explore the world of now.

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