Join BDTW's PsyTrance VR Party At VRrOOm Today!

Join BDTW's PsyTrance VR Party At VRrOOm Today!
April 2, 2020

Today, starting from 6pm CET  (10am PST) and during 24h, dance to the psytrance beats on the Break Down These Walls Festival mower floor inside the VRrOOm world on VRChat!

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In these stressful times of extended confinement, the new space will open its virtual doors to the public in a first-its-kind initiative with the ‘Break Down These Walls’ Festival, an event proposed by VRrOOm and Stereopsia in collaboration with Virtual Worlds to help the public cope with sanitary confinement by taking them to a social space where they will be able to meet other people, watch movies, explore art galleries, or dance together.


The festival is happening simultaneously on the VRrOOm Social XR cultural hub @ VRChat and the VRrOOm XR Festivals app, offering the audience a program including one VR film and one 3D movie per day for the duration of the lockdown, enjoyable in 6DoF social XR via PC and PCVR (including Quest + Link) and/or in 3DoF on mobile VR and all types of headsets (excluding Quest). 


At the lower floor, a psytrance party is awaiting you, melting post-punk and synth beats with some cool visuals mix. Every day is a party day! Come with your friends and dance til you drop.


How to access the Break Down These Walls Festival

Access the festival's interactive social experience in 6DoF

via PC, laptops (excluding Mac), all types of PC VR headsets, and Quest.

Please check the VRrOOm world inside the VRChat app.


Tonight, the festival also showcases a 360 film that you can watch with your friends at the upper floor of the VRrOOm world in VRChat:

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