Jarre Performs VR Show Inside Notre-Dame De Paris

Jarre Performs VR Show Inside Notre-Dame De Paris
January 4, 2021

On New Year’s Eve, electronic veteran Jean-Michel Jarre returned for a highly unique digital concert. Titled “Welcome To The Other Side,” the performance was filmed in a French studio but broadcast live in virtual reality (VR) inside a digital rendering of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. Viewers could either tune in using VR or watch the set as a video on any device. Of the medium, Jarre said,


“Virtual reality is to the performing arts today what cinema was to the theatre in its early days, a kind of curiosity. I believe that VR will become tomorrow, a mode of expression in its own right.”


Jarre’s stint largely comprised tracks from his 2015 Grammy-nominated record Electronica 1: The Time Machinebut also included reworked tracks from Oxygène and Equinoxe. The impressive visuals include live footage of Jarre himself and footage of an avatar copying his live playing, a combination that marks a first for livestreamed VR shows. Welcome To The Other Side is available to relive in VR until January 4. Learn how to stream the set in VR here, or watch the performance below.

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